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"We have been working with Cindy King and Associates as foster parents in Westmoreland County for past 9 months. We previously worked with them as foster parents in 2017. In our current situation, Cindy King and Associates provides supervised visits for the parents of our foster child. The caseworker who supervises the visit is Lacey Grant. We have found Lacey to be professional, educated and understanding of the needs of the child. Communication has been outstanding. She has been a wonderful example of a truly kind, considerate and caring person who is committed to the best interest of our foster child. We are thankful that there are people who advocate deeply for the well-being of children and families.

Bill & Margie"

“We all just love Nicole. First I took girls to XXXXXX behavioral. They didn't do anything to help my girls. Nicole helped right away. The girls started opening up and they are doing great. Nicole is very patient very wise she had to teach me at my age to help me with the kids and how to help them. I can't say enough about your office. Trauma therapy helped a lot and I thank God that the girls had Nicole. Then we needed to touch up a little in May and the girls were so happy to go back and they are sad that they are going to be done. Thank you so much Nicole you saved my granddaughters from this mess that there mother and boyfriend created. We need more people like you and your office. The other girls was always so nice when we was there. Thank all of you!


 "Our family has been working with Lacey for about 2 months and I can’t tell you how much she has helped me.  

Lacey is kind and considerate to my entire family, not just to XXXXXX (child with behaviors).  She has shown me that not only can I be there for my children, but I can walk away and take those moments for myself.  I had tried to work through all the issues until everything was resolved, but it was tiresome and I was ready to give in.  I would always comfort XXXXX when she was acting out, because I thought she shouldn’t cry or finish her tantrum.  I now know that it’s ok to let her see what is expected as it’s more of an attention seeking issue.  I love the fact that Lacey doesn’t put herself above you, she works through it with you.  She is available for me to call/text when I have questions or unsure of something, and she always responds timely.  

I don’t know how long Lacey has been with King and Associates, but I hope you realize what an asset she is.  She is down to earth and provides what is expected.

Thank you,


Our precious child was the innocent victim of a pedophile for years. Our Journey with King and Associates began almost a year ago when our brave daughter found the strength to disclose this information. We were referred to what is in my opinion, the BEST Trauma Therapy Team there is! I called and spoke with their front office assistant. She listened to me go on with our story. She listened to me cry and she was kind to me. She told me that she promised to call me back after they matched my daughter with a counselor and set up an appointment. Next, I brought my daughter to the office. Marie Wolf-Hatalowich, LSW came out into the waiting room to meet us and our lives were changed forever. She connected with my child. She truly cares about my child. She is everything I could have ever wanted for a therapist and counselor to be for my daughter. Marie answers texts, remembers all the little details that are important to my daughter, helps her cope, and most importantly makes her smile!

Not only do they provide individual trauma counseling, they also provide counseling for the family as well. My husband and I were introduced to Nicole Pizzola, LSW. Nicole has helped us come to terms with what has happened to our daughter and to us. Nicole gives us time to talk in a neutral environment and provides input and insight that is objective and very helpful. She has a kind and sincere way about her that lets us know she cares and really wants to help. 

Not only are both Marie and Nicole intelligent and credentialed experts in their field, they are kind, relatable, and genuine. The best thing about Marie and Nicole is how trustworthy they are. They were able to earn all our trust. It is very clear that they are invested in us and our well-being. 

I would recommend King and Associates to anyone who needs Trauma Based Therapies. This team has my highest regard and respect! They have given us hope and belief that we can move forward from this nightmare and have a healthy and happy life!  

 "We absolutely love Deanna! She is so caring and compassionate! You can truly see that she loves her job and what she does and helping others. My husband and I are foster parents, she works weekly with one of our foster children doing trauma therapy. She has spent countless hours making sure anytime and issue has occurred that she was here to help us through and navigate and try to fix the problem and or the issue in a positive manner. She is always there to answer a phone call or a text and give me advice on how to handle situation as well. She has truly been a blessing to my family!  king and associates are so fortunate to have such an amazing therapist like herself! If you ever get the opportunity to work with Deanna you will see how truly awesome she is! 



"A counselor named Todd Baumgardner was put into my life by the Westmoreland County Courts now at the time this was a horrible situation and I definitely wasn't really open to having to go to a counselor but it wasn't something that I could control what ended up happening was this guy got me through the worst most horrible time in my life he opened up his schedule to cater to my needs so I can still go out and work he became available anytime I needed him by responding very fast to issues that I took to him not one time did he ever make me feel like he was on the side of the Courts or use my situation against me he came up with a plan that we worked through together there's no doubt that this guy was put into my life at the right time I no longer see Todd but Todd taught me how to stay untouchable something that I hope I carry with me for the rest of my life and through his professional and caring way of counseling I have a life that I could only have dreamed of today its that man that help me through the most difficult time I have ever faced thank you King and Associates and you Todd Baumgardner"